You play a very important role in the healing process. Here are several ways we can help teach you what you can do for yourself at home or at work.

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Most injuries will involve or affect the muscles and ligaments of your body in addition to the nearby joints. Exercises can help your body heal faster, plus they can be important for preventing flare-ups of your current condition and even reducing the likelihood of future injuries in general. While Dr. Halbert is trained in various exercises and equipment available at your local gym, he can also show you how you can still make an important difference at home regardless of your access to equipment, individual skill level, or physical prowess.

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There may be motions you make or positions you work in every day, maybe even without thinking about it, that can aggravate your condition or prevent you from getting better quickly. Dr. Halbert will make sure you know what to avoid as well as what you can do to help get better faster, whether it's changing which hand you do certain chores with or how your computer screen is best positioned to avoid holding your neck in a way that hurts you.


We may not spend a lot of time thinking about it, but nearly everyone has trouble doing these two things properly. Dr. Halbert can work with you to make sure you understand not only how do them, but also why you should bother. These seemingly simple things can help make long term changes in your health and your pain levels. They may even help improve your current condition faster than otherwise possible.



Believe it or not, what you eat really can make a huge difference in your health. There are changes you can make that will improve your health generally, but also that can specifically help your body do its job in healing your current ailment more quickly. Even if you're not ready to make a major overhaul, Dr. Halbert can provide simple recommendations for 1 or 2 supplements that may make a big difference.