Here is just a brief summary of the chiropractic care you may receive when you come to the office.

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Trained in diversified adjusting and certified in Cox Technic, Dr. Halbert can use as much or as little force as necessary to treat most patients, from traditional joint manipulation or impulse tools to gentle traction. His specialty is treating patients with difficult and chronic neck and low back conditions like disc herniations, sciatica, spondylolisthesis, and even stenosis.


Trained in techniques from classic massage to instrument assisted friction techniques to trigger point therapy and pin and stretch, Dr. Halbert can work with your muscles and ligaments to help speed up the healing process for many conditions.


Dr. Halbert makes sure you understand not only your condition and what he can do for you, but the role you can play in improving and maintaining your own health. This may include such lifestyle modifications as diet, posture, breathing, exercise whether at home or in the gym, and changes to the home or work environment, in addition to general information relating to your health and your condition.



Trained in the use of many of the most well-known physical therapy modalities like hot packs, ultrasound, and TENS, we will use the best treatments available as appropriate for your condition. Sometimes, this may include more active treatments like therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, and other therapeutic activities where we work on getting your body moving properly again together.