We are dedicated to improving your health, but we can't always do it alone.


A good team of healthcare professionals can be integral to not only resolving your current condition, but also for proper maintenance of your body and mind in general. We don't know all of the wonderful providers in the Portland area, but check out of a few of Dr. Halbert's favorites below.



  • Dermatology: Dr. Joseph Obadiah is both professional and efficient, respecting both my patients' healthcare concerns and their time. He answers all their questions and does not draw out treatment unnecessarily over many visits.
  • General: Dr. Jamie Randles takes the time to really listen and take your health concerns seriously. She will address each one, discuss them with you and make sure you get the care you need.
  • Massage: Katie Greiner, LMT not only provides high quality massage, she is able to focus on what ails you and go light or heavy depending on your needs for the perfect combination of relaxation and tissue therapy.
  • Urology: Dr. David Menashe is a great doctor, who will take the time to listen to all your questions and concerns, and then take action to efficiently tackle your health issues. He is knowledgeable and treats you with care and understanding.


If you are a provider who wants to learn more about how Dr. Halbert may be able to help your patients or if you think you can help ours, please call Dr. Halbert at (503) 888-8228 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you soon via email. Let's work together to facilitate healing and improve lives one patient at a time!

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