I don’t have experience with other chiropractors but this man removed my lower back pain with a few sessions. He was very economical with our time but thorough with the examination and treatment. Also, friendly so I guess he is a great chiropractor.
— Dana P.
Had an awesome experience with Evan. He has the attention to detail that I really value in a therapist of any kind as well as a listening ear. Will definitely schedule another visit when I’m in Portland again. Still feeling the benefits! Thanks again, Jason :)
— Jason K.
I have been to doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and chiropractors to try to fix a disc issue in my neck. I’ve only been seeing Dr. Halbert for a couple of weeks, but his treatment has made more of a difference than anything else I’ve tried. He’s a pleasure to work with, and I am hopeful now that my spine is in his care. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
— Kaitlin Y.
Evan was a pleasure to work with. He was friendly, knowledgable, and professional. I definitely recommend him as a chiropractor.
— Henry B.
My wife just received treatment from Evan today and she couldn’t be happier with his services and the overall experience.
— Savannah D.
Dr Halbert is a great dr with a great personality. Love his work, Very thorough.
— Ian G.
Evan is not only a spectacular chiropractor, he is great on camera. Very personable, friendly, and knowledgable.

I feel amazing! Dr Halbert gave me a fantastic service. He was very thorough and explained a lot of the underlying problems of what might be causing my back pain. He gave me great posture correction tips and my alignment felt great. I seriously felt an inch taller leaving the office =)
— Mike M.
Had an Awesome experience with Dr. Halbert! I highly recommend him. :)
— Jerico G.
I’ve had 2 great experiences with Evan. He is very friendly, professional, and helpful. After just one visit, my lower back pain reduced by about 60%, so much better!
— Kyndel D.
Dr. Halbert is one of only a couple chiropractors I’ve encountered who has significantly improved my back pain. The style of chiropractic he offers is incredibly versatile and useful for a number of conditions. As a doctor, he is very knowledgeable and obviously cares a lot about his patients, which is evident with all my interactions in his office to date. It’s obvious his #1 goal is to improve his patients’ lives. I’d highly recommend him!
— Jenna H.
Dr. Halbert is the source of much of my envy. His ability to accumulate and apply knowledge is humbling. He is one of few people I have met that is able to truly be present with a person and remain unselfish in his focus on care and empathy. While you should see Dr. Halbert because he is an excellent clinician, you should also see him because he will enrich your life.

Dr. Halbert is an inspiring person. His ability to remain attentive and focused on patient care and comfort is an aspect desperately missing from most health care interactions. Knowing Dr. Halbert as a person and as a clinician will only lead you to happiness.
— Michael Q.
Dr. Halbert is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to treating patients. He is also just an all around honest and caring guy. I have had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions and couldn’t recommend him more for your health needs.
— Taylor W.

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